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Riel Life is an expressive and versatile model based in the Netherlands. She started modeling professionally 4 years ago and is now working internationally with artists from all sorts of backgrounds. With her height of 181 centimeters, Emma is probably taller than the average model. Nonetheless, she is well known for her compact and abstract posing skills. Her range of facial expressions is endless and she will never cease to amaze you with her dynamic, fluid and creative body language. 


What has made her the model she is today, is her passion for photography and art. She has been expressing herself in her self-portraits for almost 7 years now and started with analog photography during the pandemic, this sparked her passion even more. Besides her self-portraits, she has had the privilege to photograph some of the best models the art scene has to offer. Doing so has helped immensely with the development of her photography.


Her work was exhibited two times at Imagenation Paris and one time at Imagenation Milan. She has also been invited to Photopia Hamburg in 2023 where she had to perform a selfportrait act with the Mammoth film camera, which creates a massive polaroid of 20 x 24 centimeters. With her extensive experience behind the camera, she is able to provide valuable guidance and support to aspiring photographers. Her expertise makes it easy for her to give clear directions and assistance to those who are just starting in the field.

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Height: 5'11 (181 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg) 
Bust: 35" - 89 cm
Waist: 25" - 65 cm
Hips: 36" - 91 cm
Cup: DD/E
Dress: 36
Shoe: 39/40 

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