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When I started with analog photography we were living in the COVID-ages. It was in the middle of the second lockdown and I was quite close to becoming insane so I picked up my camera and started to take self-portraits. This resulted in 22 rolls of exposed film in less than a month.

After playing around with 35mm for 1.5 years I felt like I was ready to take on a new challenge: medium format film. One of my all time favorite female photographers is Vivian Maier and it was my dream to have my own two-eyed Rolleiflex at some point. This moment came sooner than expected. A photographer I worked with in the past sold me his mint-edition beauty, it was love at first sight between me and this gem of a camera. Since then, taking self-portraits has been more challenging as well as more satisfying. Most images you see down below were taken with this camera. Getting the focus right and running from the camera into your composition is half the fun of it if you'd ask me! 

Do you like what I do? Consider purchasing a ‘RIEL’ to add to your collection. Or support me on my Patreon or find art reference sets on my Gumroad.

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